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Outline Map of Hong Kong Coastline:  with relative location of different districts & city neighborhood-areas including:  Hong Kong Island · Lantau Island · Yau Tong · Kowloon · the New Territories · Sai Kung · Tseung Kwan · Mong Kok Sponsor

Hong Kong regional outline map with photos of  business district and  downtown office buildings

The above HONG KONG outline map shows the general coastline, peninsulas and islands that make up this great world class port city and one of China's major business gateways.   Map features include:

  • Photos showing the downtown business convention centre (taken from across the harbor) and surrounding buildings. Map photos include downtown business district modern office towers - by Tony Yau, well known Hong Kong business graphic designer and cartoonist.

  • Our city guide and page sponsor is ANJOLICO, the wireless-web-cartoon cat, who just returned from the 2004 Olympics in Athens and is supporting the preparation of Chinese athletes for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    • see animated cartoons of Anjolico in different at Olympic events [remember to click on each of the images to start the animation]

    • Anjolico's map image shows him about to eat his favorite hot pot meal at one of his many favorite Hong Kong street restaurants
    • see also night photo of street restaurant food on a cold night.
    • see also Anjolico promoting handwashing for children as a hygiene practice / good habit, this animation was developed at the height of the SARS epidemic in 2003.
  • For residents of Hong Kong, you'll recognize Anjolico, as a weekly feature on a number of online and print publications e.g. Sing Tao Newspaper and the Job Market web publication
  • Anjolico's weekly cartoon strips provide great insights into office worker behavior and developing good work habits and interpersonal skills through humor and fun situations.

  • Outline of coastline by Weller Cartographic [map making & design] Services Ltd., Angus Weller has worked with Chinese tourism, immigration, map-publishing companies for over 20 years, and designed the maps used in the well known Vancouver Chinese Immigrant NEW COMERS MAP BOOK published by Bauhinea Press.

  • Travelers Guides to Hong Kong can be found at:
    • see LonelyPlanet.com/destinations/north_east_asia/hong_kong The Lonely Planet's introduction starts with... " Hong Kong has the big city specials like smog, odour, 14 million elbows and an insane love of clatter. But it's also efficient, hushed and peaceful: the transport network is excellent, the shopping centres are sublime, and the temples and quiet corners of parks are contemplative oases. "
      As usual this web site is full of useful and fun places to visit and includes a many maps.

      see www.nationalgeographic.com/traveler/articles/1004hongkong.html article by Jan Morris in National Geographic Magazine online at
      Morris begins the 2001 article with the words " Hong Kong is our century exemplifiedhistorically, ethnically, architecturally, socially, economically, aesthetically and, above all, sensually.  It is a place you feel.  Founded by Europeans, developed by Asians, governed by Chinese, designed and run by entrepreneurs, architects, economists, and adventurers from the four corners of the world, in its streets and waterways you may sense the turning of the Earth itself. " click on the link above and read this article in its entirety as well as see other great photos and information about China from National Geographic Magazine


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    see new web site of Jastram.cn Shanghai Representative Office of Jastram marine hydraulic steering and electronic steering control systems in Canada and Jastram manoeuvring-steering-dynamic positioning equipment [e.g. bow thrusters, ice rudders] in Hamburg, Germany.  Serving China's marine ship building industry.
  • Shanghai Library:  Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai www.library.sh.cn/new-eng/guide/ydzn/index.htm

Health Information

  • SARS Information Centers for Disease Control & WHO [World Health Organization] links

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Hong Kong China & Vancouver Graphic Designers · Creative Consultants · Book Illustrators · Cartographers · MapMakers for Business Marketing

Canadian businesses doing business in Asia?  China-Asian businesses wanting to expand to English speaking North American market on line - consider the following graphics professionals with experience in corporate brand development and marketing in print, TV and Web media.
  • Hong Kong & Canadian-Chinese corporate graphic designers · illustrators · creative director in Hong Kong, China
    • Tony Yau BFA, MVA (Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and University of Alberta, Edmonton) - has designed web and print media/sites for Xerox-Fuiji, Hong Kong Telecom, Ikea furniture etc.
      Sample work in 2003-2004 for Chinese speaking audiences include:
    • Tony has also been the creative director for TV advertising commercials and web sites for Vancouver, Real Estate Developers and realtors e.g. Anson Realty (in the late 1990's)
    • A recent venture into children's animated graphics and toy marketing can be seen at PublicSigns.com.hk a children's e-card web site.

  • Canada's PDF maps and cartographic / map-making-design specialist
  • Children's Books Illustrator and Interior Designer in Vancouver
    • Christine Wong CarrotStick.ca
      see samples of her color pencil drawings and other illustration work for preschool and young children's art appreciation development classes held at The Crystal Mall, Vancouver's newest, largest, centrally located, Asian-Chinese shopping mall in the metrotown area of Burnaby.
    • Christine's education includes training at Hong Kong Polytechnic and in Vancouver's BCIT, a gifted illustrator-designer inspired by her 3 young children and supportive husband.

China-Canada Immigration-Business Consultants Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English

Mona Chan, LLB, Cantonese and Mandarine Speaking Vancouver Lawyer

  • Law Degree, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Experience working with staff-officers, Citizenship & Immigration Canada in Canada and China (PRC)
  • Extensive NGO and small business experience in Vancouver's historic Chinese-overseas community
  • Experienced ranges from textiles-fashion industry to hi-technolgy network building & communications industry
  • Founder-Publisher of CanonsofConstruction.com University of Alberta Law Students web publication
  • Producer of Law Show 2004, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Undergrad studies at SFU and UBC in biochemistry

Contact info

Mona Chan, LLB, Barrister & Solicitor
Immigration-Business Consultant

Law & Associates
Vancouver, B.C.   Canada
Email: mchan@canadalegal.info

China · Canada · USA Business & Immigration Consultants

Promoting Hong Kong and China Business Tourism Services

  • Chan's China-Canada Information Services for Vancouver, Beijing ...
    Mona Chan, LLB

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English & Chinese Ethnic Language TV & Radio Services in Canada

  • www.cbc.ca CBC national TV
  • www.talentvisiontv.com multi-lingual programming e.g. China Satellite News, Taiwan Satellite News, Canada News and programs in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc.
  • www.fairchildtv.com primarily a Cantonese TV and Shaw cable service in Vancouver with special coverage of Canada's Chinese immigrant communities in Vancouver and Toronto news as well as international news coverage, eg. through Hong Kong Satellite News
  • Radio Stations AM 1470
  • Radio Stations FM 96.1

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China and APEC 1997 - Vancouver

  • Speech by President Jiang Zemin,
    At Dinner Hosted by Mayor of Vancouver, Canada - during APEC 1997

Vancouver Special Librarians' Guide For Visitors 1997-2004
to downtown hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions

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Tai Chung Sports Ltd.



Retail Products & Merchandise:  specializing in sports-sporting goods & equipment of all types and descriptions.

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Fax ǯuXJ(852)27872340
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qejѧAХߩ1950~Aɦ]jǤΤǽҥA]Wj ѧC1963~AEs}]j|Ϋ~qA2003~ Aw}~40g~C

Business established:

  • in 1950, started selling text books,
  • in 1963 start selling sporting goods,
  • in 2003, celebrated our 40 anniversary of serving Hong Kong residents-customers sporting goods needs and requirements.

qD|Ϋ~MAҰ椧|Ϋ~chA@|Ϋ~⤧ ycΤ@|Aˤ~AپPh|Ϋ~A]AaΫ~B~Ϋ~B ΨBBZNΫ~έΨ㵥A@V`|Rn̤C

Tai Chung Sports Ltd. sells retail products & merchandise:  specializing in sports gear and sporting equipment and related goods of all sorts.

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we are here to serve, thx for your support.

Visit our web site at:  www.taichungsports.com.hk

For our favorite Sport's Cartoon Cat, visit Anjolico the Wireless Cat supporting the Beijing Olympics 2008

For our Track and Field Competition Friends in Victoria, visit, Victoria Track Classic Competition Photos

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