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China and World Sports Athletes at Olympics · Humorous Promotion by Chinese Cartoon Character ANJOLICO 卡通 黑貓 · CLICK ON IMAGES TO START ANIMATIONS

China's Anjolico - the "Wireless Athletic Cat"

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Balance Bar Routine at Olympics
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Balance Bar event at Olympics  | Anjolico the cartoon cat - keeps on trying | CLICK FOR ANIMATED VERSION

Wind Surfing Event at Olympics
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Windsurfing competition - CLICK FOR ANIMATION

Discus Throwing at Olympics
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Chinese Universities & Educational Resources

Hong Kong Tourism

Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators

Shanghai, China

  • Map Shanghai Regional Map in pdf format 312 k.
  • Business News
    see new web site of Jastram.cn Shanghai Representative Office of Jastram marine hydraulic steering and electronic steering control systems in Canada and Jastram manoeuvring-steering-dynamic positioning equipment [e.g. bow thrusters, ice rudders] in Hamburg, Germany.  Serving China's marine ship building industry.

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Canadian Business-Corporate Graphic Designers · Creative Consultants · Book Illustrators · Cartographers · MapMakers

Canadian businesses doing business in Asia?  China-Asian businesses wanting to expand to English speaking North American market on line - consider the following graphics professionals with experience in corporate brand development and marketing in print, TV and Web media.
  • Canadian - Chinese corporate graphic designer and creative director in Hong Kong, China
    • Tony Yau BFA, MVA (Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Visual Arts from York University, Toronto and University of Alberta, Edmonton) - has designed web and print media/sites for Xerox-Fuiji, Hong Kong Telecom, Ikea furniture etc.
      Sample work in 2003-2004 for Chinese speaking audiences include:
    • Tony has also been the creative director for TV advertising commercials and web sites for Vancouver, Real Estate Developers and realtors e.g. Anson Realty (in the late 1990's)
    • A current venture into children's animated graphics and toy marketing can be seen at PublicSigns.com.hk a children's e-card web site.
  • Children's Books Illustrator and Interior Designer in Vancouver
    • Christine Wong CarrotStick.ca
      see samples of her color pencil drawings and other illustration work for preschool and young children's art appreciation development classes held at The Crystal Mall, Vancouver's newest, largest, centrally located, Asian-Chinese shopping mall in the metrotown area of Burnaby.
    • Christine received her training both in Hong Kong, China and Vancouver, BC Canada.

Preparing for Beijing 2008 Olympics

CLICK TO BEIJING-2008.ORG web site for OLYMPICS in China 2008

Promoting Hong Kong and China Business Tourism Services

Canada English & Chinese Ethnic Language TV & Radio Services

  • www.cbc.ca CBC national TV
  • www.talentvisiontv.com multi-lingual programing e.g. China Satellite News, Taiwan Satellite News, Canada News and programs in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc.
  • www.fairchildtv.com primarily a Cantonese TV and Shaw cable service in Vancouver with special coverage of Canada's Chinese immigrant communities in Vancouver and Toronto news as well as international news coverage, e.g.. through Hong Kong Satellite News
  • Radio Stations AM 1470
  • Radio Stations FM 96.1

Historical Note:  This web page was initially developed during the Athens 2004 Olympics, to see a screen image of the official Olympics web site on that date click Athens' Web Site Image as of on August 25, 2004

Credits:  The mention of the Beijing and Athens official Olympic web sites in no way implies their support of this web page-site.  Anjolico and his friends at are simply enthusiastic friends and supporters of this international sporting event and want to bring more smiles and laughter into your lives. Anjolico also is a strong supporter of the need for more people to increase the amount of exercise in their daily lives.

Thank you for visiting and also go to www.anjolico.com for more fun cartoon character adventures of Anjolico the wireless cat and his friends.

Go to www.anjolico.com for more cartoon adventures of China's Anjolico, the "Wireless Cat" and his creator Tony Yau, graphics-illustrator in Hong Kong

Anjolico win's Olympic Gold Medal
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ANJOLICO sheds tears of joy at winning a OLYMPICS Gold Medal  - CLICK FOR ANIMATION

Table Tennis Competition
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Table tennis (ping pong) competition events- CLICK FOR ANIMATION

Pole vault events
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Pole Vault event at Olympics - CLICK FOR ANIMATION

Judo Competition
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Olympics Judo competition - CLICK FOR ANIMATION

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Canada Business & Immigration Lawyers

CanadaVisaLaw.com in Vancouver, BC

Lawyers, attorneys, notaries & business consultants with over 20 years of immigration service experience helping clients from over 50 countries.  Professionals fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Arabic and Polish

Lowe & Company
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China-Canada Immigration-Business Consultants Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese & English

Mona Chan, LLB, Barrister & Solicitor

  • Law Degree, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • Experience working with staff-officers, Citizenship & Immigration Canada in Canada and China (PRC)
  • Extensive NGO and small business experience in Vancouver's historic Chinese-overseas community
  • Experienced ranges from textiles-fashion industry to hi-technolgy network building & communications industry
  • Founder-Publisher of CanonsofConstruction.com University of Alberta Law Students web publication
  • Producer of Law Show 2004, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Undergrad studies at SFU and UBC in biochemistry

Contact info

Mona Chan, LLB, Barrister & Solicitort
Immigration-Business Consultant

Law and Associates  [law firm]
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