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  • Australia Government Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
    "The Department develops, implements and administers the Federal Government's tourism policy and programs. The work of the Department is focussed on developing a sustainable, international competitive and innovative tourism industry. ...  "[quote from website 2002/08/03]

  • Australia's National Capital City - Canberra

  • Northern Territory Tourist Commission
    "Welcome to the Northern Territory Tourist Commission (NTTC) Corporate Web site. For information on planning your holiday to Australia&146;s Outback Northern Territory, please visit "
  • Tourism New South WalesSydney Opera House, in state of New South Wales, Austraila
    "Tourism New South Wales' mission is to advance New South Wales as Australia's premier tourism destination.  Tourism New South Wales is the New South Wales Government's tourism marketing and policy agency. As well as marketing the destination and its holiday experiences internationally and within Australia, Tourism New South Wales provides strategic direction and leadership to the tourism industry to support the development of tourism in the State "[website quote 2002/08/03]

  • Tourism - South Australia
    "the official site of the South Australian Tourism Commission" [web site quote 2002/08/03]

  • Tourism - Melbourne, Victoria The official travel and accommodation site for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Western Australian Tourism Commission
    "The Western Australian Tourism Commission is the State Government organisation responsible for developing and marketing Western Australia as a premier tourist destination for Australians and international travelers.  This web site provides information on the services provided by the Tourism Commission, a media centre for general and travel journalists, a comprehensive industry centre for the Western Australian tourism industry, and research information. For information on holidays and travel in Western Australia, please visit our Holiday and Travel Information web site. "[quote from website 2002/08/03]

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    photos and ephemera

Australian Service Men World War 2 with captured Japanese naval artillery piece on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea
Australian Service men WW2
4 men posing with jeep and truck on Manu during WW2
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· Australian National Library

· The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library - an educational resource

· Australian Parliamentary Library

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· State Library of Victoria

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