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Centers for Disease Control CDC & W.H.O. SARS web info links

Using "SARS Masks" in Public - Promotional Media for Kids and Adults in Hong Kong and China

wear your SARs mask, promotion graphic for Chinese kids by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer

SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - Hk, CDC & WHO links

  • Hong Kong Department of Health - Atypical Pneumonia - site

    "Since February 2003, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has received reports of severe acute respiratory syndrome (also known as atypical pneumonia) from various parts of the world, including Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, a number of health care workers and community members have been affected by the disease. Locally, the Department of Health, the Hospital Authority, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong are working closely together to identify the cause of the disease and to control its spread. The Department of Health also communicates regularly with the WHO about the latest developments in the control and prevention of atypical pneumonia globally. [quote fr. web site April 15, 2003]

  • CDC Wonder (Centers for Disease Control)
  • SARS web area of CDC USA
  • WHO World Health Organization SARS site
  • Singapore Ministry of Health SARS site

    "The World Health Organisiation (WHO) reported on 15 March 2003 that it has received reports of more than 150 new suspected cases of an atypical pneumonia for which cause has not yet been determined. WHO has coined the term Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) to refer to this condition. Reports to date have been received from Canada, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Email: " [quoted from web site April 15, 2003]

  • warnings/sars/index.html Health Canada - Government of Canada SARS web site

Other Useful Sample Information Sites About China
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Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators

  • Yahoo's E-cards - section by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer, and creative content consultant
    • [while this link no longer works, it is an indication of Yahoo's changes and developments over the 16 yeast hat Tony has worked on the web (2011 editor comment)]

Pictures & graphics on this page above show a small sample of multi-media business-education marketing graphic design and creative market image consulting work of Tony Yau living and working in Hong Kong.

Tony is a pioneer in the use of web design/marketing,

In 1996 he assisted Anson Realty in Vancouver, Canada in acquiring its first domain name and developed their first web site.

In Hong Kong he has been the graphic designer / creative design consultant on hundreds of Chinese and Chinese-English web sites:  including such well known companies-corporations as:

(with bachelor and Master's degrees, in design-media, from York University and the University of Alberta, Canada - with special insights in marketing to both Chinese and English language audiences.

In the library/archive professional world, he creative the first graphics for the electronic magazine in 1995 in Vancouver BC, working with a group of librarians, archivists and other information professionals.

See also our Introduction to China section of

Copyright © 2002-2003 graphics and images by Tony Yau, photos:  Yu Xueyun (PRC), G-J. Zhang (Beijing), John Wong (Victoria, BC), Neal Chan (Vancouver, BC - graphics editing), T.Yau (Hong Kong), Angus Weller (maps-cartography)
PLEASE NOTE:  the use of sample images from work Tony has done with various companies e.g. Ikea, Xerox, Hong Kong City Education, web sites shown here are for sample purposes only.  The mention of these companies names in no way implies their endorsement of this web site or its services, nor does it imply this web site or its contributors endorsing of these companies goods and/or services.  The materials are used as if they are part of the "portfolio" of projects that Tony Yau and other contributors have participated in - as a matter of record.

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Personal cleanliness - Hand Washing Promotion for Kids

Anjolico says - wash you hands, in Chinese language characters and animated cartton