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city of Hong Kong, China - multi-media graphic designer Tony Yau home town, collage includes work for Hong Kong City Education portal, Kong Kong major hotels,  Ikea furniture store, Xerox-Fuji, Thai airlines, on-line trading companes and Yahoo ecard childrens web animated characters - CLICK TO RETURN TO home page

Hong Kong, China - Chinese & English Information Translation Services for:  graphic design, tourism, business-marketing-media design and children's publication illustration and EVA foam toy design services from Tony Yau, BFA, MVA - designs for the Pacific Rim

Web childrens animation character, Anjolico, flying over city of Hong Kong night sky -  created by Tony yau, Hong Kong, China graphic  design multi-media marketing and creative consultant.

Tony\'s cartoon Cat Anjolico showing stretching exercise to someone who sites for long periiods in front of a computer -

Tony Yau, B.F.A  M.V.A.

Tony received his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts (BFA) from York Univeristy, Toronto, Canada and then receieved a Masters Degree in Visual Arts (MVA) from the Univeristy of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Tony has in recent years been:

  • Providing Chinese to English and English to Chinese language translation services as part of his design services
  • Designing Children's Toys, such as EVA foam toys, and assisting in the manufacturing. process

These services are all in addition to his historic and ongoing work in assisting paper and web publications / magazines / journals for financial institutions, hotels and tourism businesses, librarians, physio/physical therapists (in western trained medical health clinics), health and wellness groups, Christian organizations, fundraising events and programs for children throughout the world and especially in China, e.g. through World Vision etc. etc.

Useful Sample Information Sites About China

Map of Hong Kong, Sai Kung District  |  Promoting Hong Kong restaurants / food markets  |  Health Alerts & SARS Masks Awareness Services  |  Chinese Laws | China's Ministry of Finance  |  Universities | Tourism  |  Outline map of Hong Kong  | Premium Gift Manufacturers for Clients/Staff  | Hong Kong Stores Recognition  | Infomation Services |

Government - Ministries & Departments, People's Republic of China

Chinese Universities & Educational Resources

Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators and Graphic Designers

  • Yahoo's E-cards - section by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer, and creative content consultant
  • Childrens Illustrator Christine Wong, initially trained at Hong Kong Polytechnique U. now in Vancouver, see has also added Interior Design to her portfolio of skills and design experience.

Pictures & graphics in the banner above show a small sample of multi-media business marketing work of one of Hong Kong's top graphic designers Tony Yau, B.F.A. M.V.A. living and working in Hong Kong.

Tony is a pioneer in the use of web design & marketing.

In 1996 he assisted Anson Realty in Vancouver, Canada in acquiring its first domain name and developed their first web site.

In Hong Kong he has been the graphic designer / creative design consultant on hundreds of Chinese and Chinese-English web sites:  including such well known companies-corporations as:

In 2002 Tony was profiled by Yahoo's children's area for his very popular cartoon web animated graphics for children [samples of which are in this area and in other areas of]

Whether you are a local Hong Kong business looking for a skilled graphics-media consultant, or a business in the English speaking world wanting help with your Chinese-China media projects - consider Tony Yau (with bachelor and Master's degrees, in design-media, from York University and the University of Alberta, Canada - with special insights in marketing to both Chinese and English language audiences.

In the library/archive professional world, he creative the first graphics for the electronic magazine in 1995 in Vancouver BC, working with a group of librarians, archivists and other information professionals.

See also our Introduction to China section of

Credits for Graphics · Illustrator · Photos

Copyright © 2002-2003 graphics and images by Tony Yau, photos:  Yu Xueyun (PRC), G-J. Zhang (Beijing), John Wong (Victoria, BC), Neal Chan (Vancouver, BC - graphics editing), T.Yau (Hong Kong), Angus Weller (maps-cartography)

PLEASE NOTE:  the use of sample images from work Tony has done with various companies e.g. Ikea, Xerox, Hong Kong City Education, web sites shown here are for sample purposes only.  The mention of these companies names in no way implies their endorsement of this web site or its services, nor does it imply this web site or its contributors endorsing of these companies goods and/or services.  The materials are used as if they are part of the "portfolio" of projects that Tony Yau and other contributors have participated in - as a matter of record.

Sample cover of CD done for Sony VAIO promotional for notebook sales, featuring first digital CD music from Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, circa 2002 - click for larger image
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