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ANJOLICO Cartoon Cat Character & Comics - Promoting Hong Kong Job Marketing Web Services with workplace humor

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 Weekly Anjolico cartoon cat work place humor comic Sample No. 1 and Sample No. 2 Cartoon story in "Coffee Corner"

ANJOLICO the cat cartoon strip featured on Hong Kong Job Market web site - CLICK to center ANJOLICO

The above red colored text has been added to the screen-image-capture of this web page for purposes of clarification only.   The use of the web page on this Hong Kong employment service website is only to demonstrate how our cartoon friend Anjolico and his creator Tony Yau can help web sites and print publications enhance their message.  In this case the use of a regular weekly Anjolico office hours cartoon, helps illustrate how to deal with / not deal with "office politics", good attitudes to develop at work and with your work-mates.

This is not a paid advertisement by - however- we do suggest you visit their web site for information about job finding in Hong Kong.

If you are interested in using Anjolico in promoting your Hong Kong / Chinese business web services contact Tony Yau.  For more information about his gifted creative director, and graphic-design-creator of Anjolico see backgrounder.

See also Anjolico on Hong Kong map. Demonstrating the use of photos of and maps in promoting downtown restaurants and businesses [here he is about to eat a favorite Chinese recipe - hot pot at his favorite street restaurant].

Anjolico the Wireless Cartoon Cat also promotes healthy work habits and attitudes at e.g. supporting the public education work of physiotherapists for reducing RSI repetitive stress injuries for those of us who spend all day in front of a computer keyboard.

Hong Kong's  March 2007  uses Anjolico cartoon  cat for more work place humor -  CLICK TO  website of

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