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CLICK TO BEIJING-2008.ORG web site for OLYMPICS in China 2008 Anolico, Hong Kong's cartoon cat competes in virtual Olympics - CLICK FOR MORE
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  • Introductory overviews of China
  • Chinese Legal Resources on the Net-Web Washington Univeristy law school reference guide " How To Find Laws of the People's Republic of China: A Research Guide with Selective Annotated Bibliographies - Created in Fall, 1998; updated in Fall, 2004"

Government - Ministries and Departments, People's Republic of China

Chinese Universities & Educational Resources

China and APEC 1997

  • Speech by President Jiang Zemin,
    At Dinner Hosted by Mayor of Vancouver, Canada - during APEC 1997

Pictures in our banner above represent a few of the many facets of this great and developing country:  from the history (seen by the Great Wall of China, and Temple roofs, to the modern cities and special economic zones (such as the city of Xiemen) and of course the rich resources of the countryside as seen by the Panda and Mountains of Central China.

This Photos in this section are contributed by friends attending the Beijing Language University (aka Beijing language and culture university), Peking University, the University of Victoria, and the University of Alberta  We hope to share different "views" of China, both from local citizens as well as travellers in the future to share in the this land of many great "metro-towns".

Copyright © 2002-2004, photos:  Yu Xueyun (PRC), G-J. Zhang (Beijing), John Wong (Victoria, BC), Neal Chan (Vancouver, BC - graphics editing), T.Yau (Hong Kong), Angus Weller (maps-cartography

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