Getting to Perugia Italy, where the University of Perugia offers International students a summer immersion program in Italian language and cultural learning - photos from UVIC Canada Students

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Sample views / photos of Italy enroute to University of Perugia

Ciao tutti!  Perugia - the town where I studied Italian in August.

"Perugia is the capital of the province of Umbria, Italy.  Umbria is known as the "green heart" of Italy because it's located in the centre of Italy and it's covered by woods.  It's kind of like B.C.!  It's also a very hilly province so ladies... if you want to lose weight but also want to be able to eat tons and have fun, I recommend the Umbria weight loss program!"

Correspondence from Leanna Wong,, UVIC student who spent August at the University of Perugias's summer program for international students studying Italian.  2006.08.25 email

Provenace of photo-collage on this pagee: photos are provided courtesy of Leanna Wong and fellow student Christopher Campese - showing photos of the early travel arrangements of students from the University of Victoria on their way to Perugia -- taken in early August 2006. 

In additon to the main classes in Italian grammar and other language skills at the University of Perugia (in Umbria), the students made a number of day trips to the cities of Florence, Sienna, Assisi, Venice and Rome. We hope to show sample photos from these travels, for now you can see smaples of Florence, a historical cathedral, ie duomo and Siena Italy

Contributing travel correspondence & stories

Canadian University Students studying in Italy and contributing  photos and stories to

People in photo to the left include, from left to right & top to bottom, Leanna Wong, Tamara Reiter, Jessica Campese and Christopher Campese, students from the University of Victoria, UVIC.CA BC Canada taking a summer immersion studies program in Italian language skills at the University of Perugia English version of University web site (Italian version / Main web site, in the city of Perugia, Italy (capital of Umbria) The provenanc of this group photo: Chris, who had the longer arms, using Tamara digital camera.

n.b. Leanna has been the coordinator of digital information access and copyright permissions gathering for this Italian travel-study views project. She has also been our Italian travel correspondent during the course of the summer. welcomes this group of new contributors to its site content development in Sept. 2006 !

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