Burnaby's Crystal Mall hosts talent shows and community performances & public service events in its food court

photos: panel of judges and vocalists at Crystal mall talent/fashion  show

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The Crystal Mall regularly hosts talent shows and community events.  In the above photos we see a vocal-singer talent show contest and the panel of judges looking on with a critical eye and ear.  Advertising of upcoming events are shown on the local Chinese TV cable channel (www.fairchildtv.com) carried by Shaw Cable in BC -- as well as radio stations (www.am1470.com or www.fm961.com and news papers, and range from noon hour entertainment, to talent show contests, and involvement in some of the annual Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant show events and its own Crystal Mall Cover Girl Contest - we've taken the liberty to borrow a partial graphic of their poster for this event in 2006 - go to their web site at TheCrystalMall.ca for expanded better resolution photos-posters of this annual beauty-talent show.  Another example of this malls constant support of "community building services".


  • see also www.csaubc.com/beauty2004/vote.htm Chinese Students Association, University of BC website re Miss Chinese Campus 2004
  • see also www.fairchildtv.com/english
    "...Fairchild TV Web site. Developments in Chinese media have taken place at such a pace in the past decade in Canada that a single source of media and market data is more than a convenient time-saving device, it is a necessity." [fr. website 041029]

The Crystal Mall is about two blocks from either the Paterson Sky Train Station , or the Metrotown Skytrain Station, as well as the Metrotown Bus Loop [just outside the entrance to the Metrotopolis at Metrotown Mall, Central Ave. entrance. 

As it only takes 20 minutes by Skytrain to get to the heart of downtown Vancouver - we invite you to see our a list of downtown Vancouver attractions, accommodations and restaurants compiled by a group of corporate librarians and library technician fact checkers.

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