THE CRYSTAL shopping and residential condos mall in Burnaby's MetroTown shopping malls district

North-West entrance and view of THE CRYSTAL mall and residential condos complex - photo taken from Old Orchard Mall across the street

The CRYSTAL is largely a collection of Chinese-Asian stores and services with the exception of the large new HILTON HOTEL which anchors the east side of the mall

Features of this mall include:

  • Central location on the corner of Willingdon Ave. and Kingsway on its North-West corner; immediately west of the SAVEON FOODS and Station Square Mall, and to the immediate North of Burnaby's Civic Square which is part of the MetroTown Branch of the Burnaby Library.
    • see the MetroTown area map for details of how this mall is located in relationship with the other malls in the immediate area, ie. Old Orchard Mall; Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, the Metrotown Centre Mall and Station Square Mall
  • Hilton Hotel and Convention Centre (probably the largest hotel & convention service in the MetroTown area) opens right into the malls shopping areas and large Asian Food Court
  • Fresh Produce Market with assorted fresh fruits and vegetables, a number of Chinese bakeries, Barbecued meats, herbalist stores, and one of several Chinese preserved-candied fruits specialty stores.  The market is certainly handy for residents of the residential tower that is part of THE CRYSTAL complex, as well as the large cluster of hi-rise condominiums surrounding the Metrotown malls area.
  • This mall has the feel of a small city and provides a complimentary balance to the other malls in the area.
  • There are also the usual assortment of dentists, optometrists and Chinese medicine-acupuncturists here also in addition to a host of consumer retail goods and services that make this a great resource for the whole of Greater Vancouver.
    • WALK-IN MEDICAL CLINICS with extended hours are conveniently located 1/2 block to the south-east at Station Square Medical Clinic or 1/2 block to the north-west (across Kingsway and Willingdon) at the Old Orchard Mall across the street from The Crystal's north-west corner.
  • For more information about the mall go to their web site