Photo of 4 men on "jeep" and truck - World War 2 Australian armed forces on Manus Island, PNG circa 1942-1945

4 Australian World War 2 Service Men posing on jeep-truck on Manus Island circa 1942-45
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Credits and reference notes

Copyright © 2002-2003 photos from Henry G. Collins' collection, coordinator Jennifer Hall, Blue Mountains, Australia from family collection of father who served with the Australian forces on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea during the 1940s at the time of the Japanese invasion.

The sources of dates and name at this point is from notes written/scribbled on the backs of photographs and personal correspondence of Henry G. Collins, we welcome further information and background on the photos from viewers.

The original photos have been scanned and touched up with Adobe Photoshop 6, to "sharpen" some of the details, change contrast etc. The text/captions on the images have been added and if there need to be any corrections or additions to the text send us email at Metrotown site administration

PLEASE NOTE:  the use of photos and sample images from different families in no way implies their endorsement of this web site or its services, nor does it imply this web site or its contributors endorsing of these goods and/or services.  The materials are used as if they are part of a volunteer War Veterans memorial project that is hosted by this web site's "baby boomer - war vet's kids" and associates of this site.

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