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Canadian Health network
Government of Canada web site

Health Canada
reference resources from the Government of Canada web site

"MediResource™ provides credible, physician and pharmacist reviewed health information. MediResource™ adheres to Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct (HONcode) for health web sites"[web site quote 08/13/2002]

Drugs, medications & prescription reference
Pharmasave Pharmacy sponsored health library

Pharmacy Information
Information site from a professional trained as a lawyer and pharmacist
Antibiotics & Infectious Disease Control
n.b. site fr. Canadian Infectious Disease Society

web site by Canadian foundation for allergies, asthma etc.

Lung & Respiratory System Health
Canadian Lung Association

Women's Health Information
Canadian Women's Health Network site promoting better access to health information resources as well as produces information services/resources that is user friendly... this organization is made up of representatives from women's organizations across Canada's provinces and territories

Men's Health
site sponsored by a Toronto organization

Children's Health
Electronic Child Health Network [eCHN] web site
for parents and childrens-health-services providers

see also
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario - Resources Site for Parents

Heart and Stroke Information in Canada

Doctors Organizations
Canadian Medical Association
Note:  this web site is a Canadian Medical Association Subsidiary

College of Family Physicians of Canada
see "FOR PATIENTS SECTION" of web site

s/a Doctors
Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Canada
Health Canada's web site - click on "Complementary & Alternative Health" link on
" Complementary and alternative health care (CAHC) covers a broad range of healing practices. Acupuncture, herbal medicine and chiropractic are some of the most familiar complementary or alternative approaches. Many Canadians who use complementary and alternative health practices, do so for wellness." [quote fr. web site 2004/07/03] Enlish version
safety & awareness issues raised by traditional western medical doctors on making "informed decisions" on the use of forms of medical therapy/therapies not recommended by your doctor ... contains recommended reading publications

When Things Don't Work Out:  Health Law | Professional Negligence | Product Liabilitiy | Class Action Law Suits |
Sometimes the medical and health care system or a particular organization-product does'nt work - resulting in a great deal of personal loss, death, and/or pain & suffering etc. ... sometimes you need to consult legal counsel experienced in health law issues including professional negligence and product liability.  Some firms to consider are:

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International SARS Information Sites

SARS Asia-Pacific 

Wearing face masks promotion in Hong Kong, China - hygiene promotion for kids in Chinese and English languages
wear your SARs mask, promotion graphic for Chinese kids by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer

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Canada - Consumer Health Groups

Consumer Health "Watchdog"

click to go to Vancouver Health Services area

Environmental Illness Society of Canada

Healthy Living Guidelines

Canada Fitness Promotion

Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute

see also

Basic Primary Prevention Review:  Progress in the scientific knowledge of health and well being and the body's response to stress and the relationship to the development of chronic disease (2006)

Abstract:  Over recent years there has been great progress in the scientific knowledge of health and well being and the body's response to stress and the relationship to the development of chronic disease. 
Interactions and interdependency exist between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems in response to the social environment. 
This paper reviews this progress and sets out the action that can be taken to improve well being using basic primary prevention activities.

By:  Quentin Reilly, MBBS, DPH, MPH, FRACMA, FAFPHM, FACTM, Specialist Medical Consultant, (presently 2007) Medical Adviser, Primary Health Care & Chronic Disease Control, Northern Area, Queensland Health, Australia reference /basic-primary-prevention /Reilly-Prevention-Article2007-04-a.html
See Also wear your SARs mask, promotion graphic for Chinese kids by Tony Yau, Hong Kong graphic designer
BC Balance and Dizziness Disorders Society

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