Burnaby BC 's  largest shopping and entertainment complex - in the heart of the Greater Vancouver Region

Burnaby's MetroTown Neighborhood:  malls, indoor & outdoor recreation facilities, hotels, convention centers & more.

The City of Burnaby had a population of 202,799 in the 2006 Census - a increase of 4.6% from the 193,954 in the 2001 Census. 

The diversity of ethnic-cultural groups that comprise Burnaby's population is best seen in the report www.bcmulticulturalprofiles.gov.bc.ca/.../immigration/2006profiles/.../diversity.../Burnaby.PDF [764k pdf file]   an impressive summary document, with graphs and summary information drawn from Statistics Canada Census Data.

[follow data is extracted from above mentioned 2006 Census data based report]
	Total Population of Burnaby    202,799         100.0 %
	Aboriginal Population            3,005           1.5
	Visible Minority Population    111,295          54.9
	O f   T H E  V I S I B L E  M I N O R I T I T I E S  T O T A L  [111,295]
	Chinese                         60,765          54.6 %
	South Asian                     16,840          15.1
	Filipino                         7,805           7.0
	Korean                           7,680           6.9
	Southeast Asian                  3,110           2.8
	West Asian                       3,000           2.7
	Japanese                         2,990           2.7
	Latin American                   2,780           2.5
	Multiple visible minority        2,755           2.5
	Black                            2,450           2.2
	Arab                               695           0.6
	Not included elsewhere             415           0.4

Burnaby shares its western border with the City of Vancouver and is central to the rest of the cities and municipalities that make up the Metro Vancouver Region [formerly known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD)] [including West & North Vancouver to the north, Coquitlam & New Westminster to the east, Surrey to the south-east & Richmond to the south.]  The population of the GVRD was 2,116,581 in 2006.

The administrative headquarters of Metro Vancouver is located at 4330 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4G8 (two blocks north of the Patterson SkyTrain Station), 2 blocks north-west of the Crystal Mall and Old Orchard Mall and 4 blocks from The Metropolis-at-Metrotown Mall.  See the official website at MetroVancouver.org

British Columbia's largest shopping mall, entertainment and sports facilities/complex is located in the "MetroTown neighborhood" of Burnaby see our map.  The facilities include the 3 large adjoining malls of: Metrotown Shopping Centre, Metropolis at Metrotown, and the new Crystal Mall.  The new Hilton Hotel and its conference facilities are part of the Crystal Mall complimenting the Holiday Inn (in Station Square, next to Metropolis at MetroTown).  We should not forget the two smaller adjacent Old Orchard Mall (with its 24 hr. Shoppers Drug Mart) and Station Square Mall (with its movie theatres and walk-in medical clinic).  Combine the malls, theatres and hotels with the outdoors facilities (pitch and put golf, tennis courts, duck ponds, stadium etc. of nearby Central Park the facilities of Bonsor Recreational Centre ... you have a world class destination to to meet, shop and play.  (see also City of Burnaby city hall web site)

The central location of the Metrotown area include:

  • being about 20-25 minutes ride by Sky Train to downtown Vancouver, public transit buses and car driving times vary depending on time of day to downtown Vancouver from 30 minutes to 60+ minutes (in rush hours)
  • about 40-60 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond -- see airport website at "Vancouver International Airport (YVR): Gateway to the 2010 Olympic Games. The official site of IATA's #1 ranked mid-size airport in North America." www.yvr.ca
  • about 45-70 minutes from the B.C. Ferries terminal in Tswassen to Victoria, Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands.  See "Current conditions at major terminals, services and ships, routes and schedules and fares." www.bcferries.com.
Burnaby is also home to top level educational resources including:  SFU (Simon Fraser University www.sfu.ca) and BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology www.bcit.ca ("A Polytechnic Institution" down the Willingdon St. hill from Metrotowns malls).  Phoenix University phoenix.19gi.com/campus/Vancouver , known for its private extension and online course also has a physical campus in Burnaby. 

The publicly funded OLA (Open Learning Agency) with its distance education programs is located nearby to BCIT as is the Knowledge Network studios Know TV which is one of Canada's parallels to the USA's PBS (Public Broadcasting System).

With a growing immigrant population in Burnaby and throughout the GVRD, Burnaby has many privately operated - English as a second language (ESL) learning services covering English language skills improvement, after school tutorial programs.  Many of these services are located in or near to the centrally located MetroTown area.

see also:

see also:

  • Burnaby Legal Services - lawyers & notaries
  • City of Burnaby - City Hall www.city.burnaby.bc.ca/common/common/index.html
  • Burnaby Board of Trade www.burnabyboardoftrade.com
  • SG1archive.com Stargate Information Archive. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis News, Episode Guide, Forums, Chat, and more. [This TV series is produced at the "Bridge Studios" just east of Boundary Road in Burnaby.
  • eHOSTING.ca based in Vancouver, on the "Granville Rise shopping district" -- one of Canada's top and fastest growing web hosting services for small businesses and non-profit associations.
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  • Burnaby's ethnic-cultural diversity report mentioned above, has been copied in our site archives, in the event the original report is taken off the official government website referenced above, see Burnaby...pdf copy

MetroTown & Central Park

MetroTown Centre Mall - for which the neigborhood is named

MetroTown & Central Park

Map showing relationship of Burnaby to GVRD and Nanimo and Victoria in  BC

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