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View of Shutters Condo Complex building Site - 100 yards from Victoria's Inner Harbor Note the other 2 older condominiums directly on the walkway by the water - Photo from LUCY RICHARDSON MLS  Reatlor - CLICK TO RETURN TO VICTORIA REAL ESTATE PAGE

The above view shows the landing area of Victoria's float planes, as well as the entrance that the Victoria to Seattle, high speed catamaran Clipper passener ferry and the monhull passenger-car ferry Coho connecting Victoria and Port Angeles, Washington.

Just to the left of this photo, is the inner harbor area of Victoria, where the Annual Dragon Boat races take place as well as a number of musical and tourism events, incluing the sucessful Tall Ships festival in 2005.

handing out new keys  - our Strata Council works hard to enhance the security of the condo/building complex - CLICK TO RETURN TO VICTORIA REAL ESTATE

The above picture on this website is intended only as a demonstration and not an ad per se. We would like to dedicate this page to all the hours that volunteer board members, of strata councils / strata-corporation, put in to make their respective communities, safe and pleasant to life in.

The two volunteer-board members above are part of a rekeying / issuing of new main door keys to owners after a break-in the previous night where the culprit was found to have a collection of entrance keys to many of the surrounding neighborhoods condominium complexes. Safety and security is a community issue and too often the many hours of volunteer board members are not acknowledged.

N. Chan April 28, 2004

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