Photos of Gordon Zenk and Shelina Shariff, Personal Injury lawyers with  North West Burnaby and North Vancouver City and North Shore Mountains in the background

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Kenneth Learn, BSc hons. - LLB Gordon Zenk, and firm mascot dog

Kenneth J. Learn, BSc (Hons.), LLB and Gordon W. Zenk, BA LLB have over 55 years of combined experience as personal injury civil litigators serving the Metro Vancouver Region and have been working together for over 20 years. 

Shelina Shariff, JD - personal injury ICBC claims disputes lawyer , fluent in Urdu and Hindi  and some Spanish serves Metro Vancouver from Port Moody office

Associate lawyer, Ms. Shelina P. Shariff, BSc. JD., received her initial training in Texas and practiced as an Attorney-at-law in Texas for some years before coming to Canada where she is now qualified as a BC Barrister and Solicitor.

Ms. Shariff's fluency in Urdu & Hindi - her familiarity with Gujarati & Punjabi as well as with Spanish - combined with Gordon Zenk's familiarity with German gives this firm an ability to serve more of the culturally diverse population of Metro Vancouver.

Lianne-Kramchynski, JD - wills, estate planning and probate  lawyer serves, clients and executors in  Metro Vancouver from Port Moody office

Associate lawyer, Lianne K. Kramchynski, JD provides wills, estate planning and probate services.

Learn Zenk's Associated Lawyers Areas of Legal Practice Include:

  • Personal Injury Law including:
    • I.C.B.C. Claims - with extensive experience as plaintiff's and defence counsel
    • Slip and Fall Injuries
    • Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries
  • Family and Divorce Law including:
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Separation of Family Assets
    • Custody Arrangements
    • Divorce disputes leading to court
  • General practice Legal Services including:
    • Wills & Estates

Contact Learn Zenk: Lawyers, Paralegals and Staff

403 - 130 Brew Street,
Port Moody, BC,  V3H 0E3
Phone:  604.949.1655
Fax:  604.949.1665

Web site:
Map to office:  Metro Vancouver location of Port Moody Offices

Lawyers Areas of Legal Practice

Personal Injury Lawyers for:  ICBC MVA Claims & Auto-Car Insurance Accident Claims & Slip and Fall Liability Insurance Claims

Gordon Zenk, Personal Injury & Criminal Defense/defence , real lawyer for Vancouver - CLICK FOR to EMAIL

Have you or your family recently been injured:

  • In a motor vehicle accident?
  • In a public place, such as a store or mall?

If you are injured and your symptoms are continuing, you may want to consider legal action against the person at fault.

We can help you decide when and whom to sue.

But don't delay!  In many cases you only have 2 years to start an action.

Contact Gordon W. Zenk
Personal Injury Lawyers

Family Law Lawyers for:  Litigation & Separation Agreements · Divorce · Child Custody

Gordon Zenk, also handles family law cases, here he is seated  with   law firm mascot

Do you need a:

  • Co-habitation Agreement?
  • Marriage or Prenuptual Agreement?
  • Separation Agreement?
  • Divorce?

Kenneth Learn, 35 years family law and civil litigation experience

Have you recently:

  • Received an inheritance?
  • Received an award for personal injury damages?

Do you need to:

  • Get custody of your children?
  • Increase or decrease your support payments?
  • Figure out who gets the cat and the piano?

You need to know where you stand.  "We can help"

Email Kenneth J. Learn, LLB
family law lawyer

Wills & Estate Lawyers 

Gordon Zenk, wills-estates-executor lawyer  for Metro Vancouver

Have you:

  • Purchased property?
  • Had a child?
  • Married or remarried?
  • Been "living with" someone for two years or more?
  • Divorced or separated?
  • Lost a spouse or child?
Lianne Kramchynski, JD - practises wills, estates and probate law service for Metro Vancouver clients, from the Port Moody offices of Learn Zenk

If any of these life changes have happened to you, you need to do or re-do a Will!

Has someone:

  • Died recently and made you executor of their estate?

We can help you through this trying time by taking care of the paperwork involved in probating & distributing an estate.

Email: Lianne K. Kramchynski

Wills Estates & Probate Services

Contact Learn Zenk:  Lawyers, Paralegals and Staff

403 - 130 Brew Street,
Port Moody, BC,  V3H 0E3
Phone:  604.949.1655
Fax:  604.949.1665

Web site:
Map to office:  Metro Vancouver location of Port Moody Offices

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see also these other experienced lawyers - with offices in Downtown Vancouver

Looking for Personal Injury - ICBC Accident Claims Disputes Lawyers - with offices downtown??

Rose Keith, BA JD
Rose Keith, experienced with types of injuries from car / MVA accidents:   brain injury, spinal injuries,  soft tissue / whip lash /  only serves as a plaintiffs lawyer click to her web site 
Offices on West Hastings near Bayshore Hotel

Bruce Lemer, LLB

Bruce Lemer, over 30 years experience as a persoanl injury, litigation, ICBC claims disputes, medical malpractice and class actions lawyer - click to his site

Over 30 years experience as a personal injury, ICBC claims disputes, medical malpractice lawyer

Office at Cambie street, where it begins the "Gastown District" and only a few blocks from the Sky train / Millenium Line Station / Sea Bus Terminal - making him accessible for people from North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey.

Z. Philip Wiseman, LLB

Z. Philip Wiseman, LLB, brings over 25 years of experience  to his persoonal injury, ICBC injury cleents,   His team is also very expereinced in using translators with ESL English as a 2nd Language cllients - click to his web site  With his office only 2 blocks from the Vancouver General Hospital, it is convenient for hospital visits.  He brings over 25 years experience in representing clients in their claims disputes with ICBC. His team is also experienced in using skilled interpretors to assist clients who speak English as a Second language.
777 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC Chinese text letting Chinese prospective clients know that  Philip Wiseman team has experience working with skilled translators for thier injured clients in ICBC disputes

Ed Bowes, BA LLB LLM 

Edward Bowes, has over 30 years experience in the area of personal injury, ICBC claims disputes as well as family law, office on  Granvilles St. in downtown Vancouver, click to his website for Divorce and Family Law
Personal Injury Law including ICBC injury claims disputes

Sandra Banister, QC

Sandra Banister, QC Queens Counsel,, photo in front of  Marine Building, on Burrard Street, where her office located, brings over 30 years experience to her  Personal Injury, ICBC injury claims clients0 Sandra Banister, QC - over 30 years experience as a personal injuyr, ICBC  claims disputes, and  employment lawyer, click to her web site at

Brings over 30 years of experience in personal injury, employment law and labour law to her clients.  Her office is in the Marine building in downtown Vancouver.


Mona Chan, LLB

Mona Chan, LLB, lawyer who has studied in Beijing, Edmonton and Vancouver Canada, is fluent in  Mandarin and Cantonese, to serve her  chinese Immigration, personal injury and business and real estate clients in the  Vancouver area5
  • Canada Immigration
  • Residential Real Estate Conveyance
  • Commercial Leases
  • Business Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Wills, Estate Planning
  • Probate

Vancouver, BC

  Dil Gosal, BA LLB LLM 
Surrey, BC

Dil Gosal, BA LLB LLM well know for his criminal defense work as well as being an advocate for his personal injury, ICBC injury  claims lawyers, serves Delta, Surrey and Lower Mainland from his Surrey offices, is fluent in Punjabi5