Burnaby's Metropoplis, MetroTown Centre, Central, Old Orchard and Station Square malls and Civic Square greenery

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Resources of Central Park - MetroTown areas of Burnaby

Looking for the Hours and Holiday Schedules of shops located in Metrotown mall or Metropolis at Metrotown Mall?  Go to www.metropolisatmetrotown.com (this web site is not affiliated with these malls, but we do get regular queries about hours of operations and shops of these two malls).

While in the ara don't forget Station Square Mall (across the street from the MetroTown Sky train Station, with an Holiday Inn for visitors), the newer Crystal Mall www.TheCrystalMall.ca and office complex (featuring a large Asian Food Court) a Hilton Hotel see www.hilton.com and convention complex and a condominium complex built in.  across the street from The Crystal Complex, we have the green space of Civic Square and the wonderful MetroTown Branch of the Burnaby Public Library.  On an adjacent corner to The Crystal is the Old Orchard Shopping Mall, featuring the 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart.  The Old Orchard Mall also features a Liquor Store, Video rentals, and supermarket facilities.

When you total the shops each of the malls boast about, as well as stores on the main street of Kingsway itself, this area has about 800 places for you to shop, eat, bank, see your doctor, dentist, massage therapist, study, read, play tennis, golf and swim and more.

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